The BPO Group proved to have the right combination of platform, process and professionals, which is likely what enabled them to fill the clinic’s calendar with sales-ready appointments. Their parameters of identifying and targeting optimal sales prospects were impressively precise. Had we not approached The BPO Group, setting up the clinic’s digital media strategy would have been a burden and hassle. Since we're running a clinic, we receive thousands of live chat inquiries annually, which we have been able to answer efficiently and promptly ever since outsourcing our live chat support to The BPO Group.
Mohammad Arif Shaikh
Managing Director
Royal City Clinic
By the time we realized that even a school needs to adopt social media marketing, we thought it was too late. The way The BPO Group enabled us to get ahead of the social media curve and helped us promote the Japan road campus of Dar-e-Arqam has lead us to believe that they really do specialize in social media marketing the way they claim. Of course, we’re not running a business, rather our goal is to educate children, and The BPO Group’s social media marketing team understood this. They built our social media campaign accordingly, which resulted in quite a relative increase in enrolment into our campus.
Assistant Director
Dar-e-Arqam Schools
Japan Road Campus - Islamabad
We initially made the mistake of not paying as much attention to email and social media marketing as we should have been, but The BPO Group helped us rectify this mistake. Their partnership proved to be tremendously valuable to us, specifically because of the online strategy they provided us with for the email communications and social media profiles of our restaurant. Not only did they help us establish a more prominent and tangible online presence for Slider Zone, they expanded our restaurant’s exposure to various social media platforms and managed our social media posts from thereon.
Adeel Qureshi
Slider Zone
Working with The BPO Group is an absolute pleasure. They handle a variety of tasks for us, including data entry, transcription, data mining, email marketing and posting videos on our website and social media. Everyone at the company is a delight to work with. We highly recommend them and we continue to use them to this day.
Steven Marchessault
Senior Producer
Talk Business 360
We really could not ask more from The BPO Group. They have met all of our needs including data entry and so many other tasks. They are affordable and are an important asset to our company. They have provided us many insights into our business which was an unexpected surprise. They have met every challenge we've given them. We highly recommend them and continue to use them.
Executive Producer
Gateaway Places
The members of The BPO Group's team who is providing us with admin support are totally professional at it. We are really glad that we found them. We actually outsourced the admin support and email handling functions of our business to them kind of hesitantly because we were not certain they had enough experience in our industry. How wrong we were though because they exceeded our expectations. Beyond that they never give us any reason to doubt them and we became completely reliant on their admin support service, which we do not regret one bit. They way they handled our emails and scheduled our meetings for us really made life easier for everyone at our office.
Brandon Lipman